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The watch world is always abuzz with the latest and hottest news. But there is also much more to be uncovered in the way of stories that have been forgotten or untold.

Our Journal focuses primarily on sharing precious snippets of the millennia-old art of keeping time and the centuries-old art of watchmaking as well as the rich culture surrounding timepieces. We may not be on top of the latest industry gossip, but we will always strive to tell interesting stories and share authentic, unfiltered, and uncensored opinions.


It’s always helpful to have a trusty field manual at hand. For such a big industry with a huge international group of enthusiasts, the watch world doesn’t seem to have too many quick and easy guides for beginners. We hope to address this with our Handbooks, a series of to-the-point manuals for every purpose.

Our Handbooks strive to make the world of timepieces open and easy to everyone. Each one is designed to make things simple and intuitive with minimal compromise to accuracy, complete with hand-drawn illustrations. Particularly meaningful to us is the Beginner’s Handbook, which is something we would have loved to have had when we were first drawn into the world of watches.


The watch world wouldn’t be the same without its colorful personalities and zealous collectors, but at its center is the kaleidoscope of manufacturers and brands that make the awesome variety of timepieces that we love (and hate). Thanks to this diversity, there’s a watch for every purpose, every personality, and every situation.

Our Profiles dive deep into a brand’s history, identity, major creations, and achievements. We get our research from books, experts, historical photographs and footage, museums, and any other source we can trust. While no research can be perfect, we can certainly guarantee that we aren’t parroting any of the fanciful myths and fairytales brands and their fans often promote.


Watch-collecting is one of the nerdiest passions on earth, and we wear that distinction on our sleeves. That also means that to communicate with fellow enthusiasts, one often knowledge of the more academic parts of timepieces. It’s not rare for a chance encounter with a guy with a cool watch to turn into a discussion about history, mechanical engineering, and even physics.

The Hurum Study is a comprehensive resource for covering all the bases of watches including components, movement types, history, taxonomy, complications, and more. The content is updated regularly for deeper depth and wider breadth, but is organized separately from the Journal so that it doesn’t get buried by the newest articles.


The Hurum Glossary strives to be the most accurate glossary of watchmaking and watch culture terms on the Internet. With thousands of words in the bank and more added regularly, the Glossary is the best way to get a quick and accurate definition for that term that has been bugging you.


We sell stuff that complement and complete a watch enthusiast’s collection. Our collection of hand-drawn art is particularly our pride and joy, as it is with our patrons.

Proceeds from the shop also keeps us independent so that we can freely express our opinions on any matter, and so that we don’t have to carry advertisements for products we have to pretend to like.