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This is a binding contract between the reader (”you”) and Hurum Horology (”Hurum”, “we”, “us”). Please read the terms of use and service (”Terms”) before using the Hurum website (the “Site”) and or services (”Services”) provided by us. Services include all activities we engage in that exclude public content on the Site, including communicating with you via internet or in person. By using the Site, you agree to be bound by the Terms. “Using” includes but is not limited to the acts of browsing and sharing the content of the Site.


  • Age Restriction
    • You must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to enter any contract with us. The content and services provided by Hurum are not targeted at children under the age of thirteen (13). While we welcome young enthusiasts and do not restrict access to the Site on the basis of age, please note that children under the age of thirteen (13) should always be accompanied by a responsible guardian of age. We may reference artwork, historical events, popular culture, or use language that is explicit or inappropriate for children. Hurum is not liable for the exposure of aforementioned content to minors.
    • Hurum reserves the right to decide the minimum required age to enter legal contracts with us. This means that even if you are above the age of thirteen (13), you may be barred from entering into a contract if you are under the age of majority in your territory.
  • Registration
    • All public content on the Site is available without registration. However, for certain Services, we may require that you register your personal details/information in order for us to verify your identity and record your personal particulars. Refer to 2. PRIVACY for more details on how we use your personal information.


Hurum does not require any registration to access our Site, so we do not proactively collect user information. However, there are several types of information that are automatically collected by our website provider and other entities. In addition, we may require you to provide personal information for certain services as stated in I-2-a. “Registration”. This section informs you about the kinds of information we and other associated entities collect and how they are used.
  • Information that We Proactively Collect
    • We do not proactively collect information from users who access the Site. In the case you are required to register for Services or choose to make an account, we may ask you for the following information:
      • Your name(s), including but not limited to legal surname and given names, nicknames, aliases, etc.;
      • Contact information, including but not limited to home and/or business address, personal and/or work email address, shipping address, telephone/mobile numbers, etc.;
      • Financial information, including but not limited to banking details, credit or debit card number, payment and purchase history, etc.;
      • Social media handle(s);
      • Any information you provide in any form of communication with us;
      • Information regarding your watch collection, including watches you owned in the past or future acquisition plans; and/or
      • Any personal identifiers that help us keep an accurate record of you and verify your identity.
  • Information that We Do Not Proactively Collect
    • Some information is collected automatically without our input. Such information includes but is not limited to the following:
      • Personal identifiers such as IP address, IDFI, IMEA, etc.;
      • Device settings such as language, operating system, browser type, etc.;
      • Device type (e.g. tablet, PC, mobile, etc.);
      • Device location; and
      • Statistics and analytics on user engagement patterns, frequency, volume, etc.
  • How and Why We Use Your Information
    • Your information, both voluntarily and involuntarily collected by Hurum, is used for the following reasons and purposes:
      • Your information, both voluntarily and involuntarily collected by Hurum, is used for the following reasons and purposes:
      • To establish user profiles and portfolios and provide personalized Services;
      • To help you register an account with us;
      • To respond to your communications;
      • To respond to your requests, commissions, orders, etc.;
      • To process your payments;
      • To provide you with marketing communications, should you elect to receive them;
      • To improve the effectiveness and content of the Site;
      • To protect the security of the Site;
      • To comply with the law; and
      • For any other purposes deemed necessary disclosed to you at the time you provide your personal information and within the parameters of the law.
  • Information Sharing with Third Parties
    • Hurum does not share any personal information to third parties. We do not sell our users’ personal information, nor do we buy or engage in any kind of exchange of personal information with any party. However, your information may be shared with other parties for the following purposes:
      • To facilitate communication between users for networking purposes, with the consent of both parties;
      • To refer you to services not provided by us, at your request and with your consent;
      • To register your information at venues for events, with your consent; and
      • For any other purposes deemed necessary disclosed to you and with your consent.
    • Additionally, user data that is not specific to any particular individual (e.g. total number of visitors) may be released in public or private without the consent of any user.
  • Third Party Services
    • Our content may provide links, portals, or references to third party sites. Voluntarily accessing these sites should be done at your own risk. Any content outside our Site and Services is not the liability or responsibility of Hurum, nor does it represent our views or stance even if the links are featured on our Site.


  • Our Use of Third Party Content
    • Hurum is committed to providing accurate information to our readers. We refer to various sources for research including books, magazines, journals, other websites, museums, galleries, and experts. We may also use images that we did not create ourselves. We pledge to always provide original sources and/or author for any direct quotes and all images and videos to the best of our knowledge. We will not use any content that we did not create for commercial purposes without the permission of the original creator(s) or the legal holder of the copyright with the obvious exception of material of the public domain.
    • If you feel that we failed to adequately or accurately credit you for your work, or if we made a mistake, please contact us so that we can rectify any issues.
  • Your Use of Our Content
    • We encourage everyone to share our content, and to refer others to our Site as a resource. However, you must abide by guidelines to respect our rights. The Site and all content therein are protected by proprietary rights and laws including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Every piece of original writing (i.e. writing that is not in quotations and is not attributed to a source other than our own) and all original illustrations and photographs, even those without watermarks, are protected by these rights and laws. You shall observe and abide by all relevant restrictions and notices on the Site.
  • Right to Alter Content
    • We exclusively reserve the right to add or remove content to the Site. We may add or remove content, make edits to previous posts, shift the layout of the Site, alter components of our content, and otherwise change the contents of our Site in any way without obligation to inform any party unless there are contractual obligations concerning content alteration. However, we will strive to make any changes we make clear and transparent to avoid confusion.
This is the end of the Terms of Use. Thank you for taking the time to read the Terms. We hope you have a great time on Hurum Horology.